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Dr. Brown, is Chairperson of the Board and CEO of the PCI (Pain Centers International) an outreach ministry. The goal of the PCI is to reach out to those persons caught in the grip of pain. We understand that pain is pain, when you are suffering, lost, brokenhearted, confused, afraid, and perhaps angry. PCI was created to teach and train in the field of counseling with a concentration on addiction. PCI presently offers outpatient support group sessions, individual counseling, crisis intervention, substance abuse inpatient referral system, education and information, along with a variety of other services. PCI has recently begun to focus on the incarcerated individual and the children of incarcerated parents. Dr. Brown is Senior Pastor of the Sanctuary Church of the Holy Spirit and Sanctuary Ministerial Association. Dr. Brown is the former Director of Early Years Development Center a state of the art Day Care Facility located in the Southwest section of Philadelphia. Dr. Brown has been teaching for thirty years from Pre-K to college. In the past, she has taught at Jameson School of Ministry and Theology, Saint Mary of the Assumption Elementary School and Imani Education Circle Charter School, to mention a few. Dr. Brown until recently, co-hosted a weekly radio broadcast program she created and produced on WHAT (1340 AM) and WTMI (800 AM) entitled “Shattered but not Broken. An on air talk radio counseling program focused on those who are brokenhearted, depressed, hungry, frustrated, abused, confused, hurting, wounded, misunderstood, lost, and lonely.As a well recognized technological and safety specialist Dr. Brown served as Vice President of Public Relations and Merchandising for the national publication: Successful Black Parenting Magazine. Under the creativity of Dr. Brown, SBP developed both technological and special events departments. Dr. Brown traveled the country provided parenting and safety seminars during her tutelage at SBP. Dr. Brown was also a featured columnist for SBP. Dr. Brown currently, facilitates workshops, seminars and conferences. Dr. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, with a concentration in Secondary Education and African American Studies, a second Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Theology, a Masters and a Doctorate in Theology, a MS in Addiction Psychology, a Masters of Law, studied trauma, certification by the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in Pastoral Counseling, CAC and ICADC certifications. Dr. Brown is a published author, international  lecturer, teacher, motivator, counselor and preacher.