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Sanctuary by definition is a sacred place, the holiest part of the sacred place.  Historically, a place of refuge or asylum. A place of immunity. A shelter from danger and hardship. A place of comfort, protection and security.

That is why Sanctuary Church of the Holy Spirit’s creed is Impacting Your Life Through Ministry.  This is not only our creed but our commitment, the life and breath of our spirits is the wholeness of your soul.  Sanctuary is where those who are broken hearted, hungry, depressed, frustrated, abused, confused, hurt, wounded, and lost can find healing, love and restoration.
It is our vision to share the love of God, the sacrifice of Jesus and the victory of Calvary with all we come into contact with through personal contact, the written word, prayer line and technology. 

We anticipate the privilege of welcoming new members into the body of Christ, the fellowship of believers and the family of Sanctuary.

A place, where those who enter will find emotional, physical, psychological, social and spiritual fulfillment; the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.

“Upon this rock I will build my church…”  Matt 16:18

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